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Christmas + New Years


End of Year Cleansing: the Christmas + New Year Baths, Candles, Incense and more.

This time of year is cleansing in nature. With the use of spiritual products we can start to remove all negativity, all that binds and limits, all that restrains, any weak curse or evil spirit.  These are all washed away by spiritual strength.

Doubt, limitation, anger or aggression can be washed down the drain with these baths, leaving you renewed, a new person, similar to a newborn and full of potential.

As the year comes to an end we begin to reflect on everything that has transpired.  Everything that occurs around us leaves its mark, be it positive or negative.  No matter how good our spiritual hygiene might be, over the year we collect unwanted negativity, that which is directed at us from others, that which is forced upon us by experience, and that which we pour upon ourselves. 

As Christmas is a time of joy, it makes sense that it is a time when we want to most fully embrace joy and have it as the focus for the year ahead.

We offer a wide array of Christmas + New Years spiritual items.....check them out...

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