Dressed and blessed with the best spiritual oils and herbs for maximum spiritual power.

Purify a space such as a room, home or business.

Excellent for use during seances & other spiritual rituals.

Brings peace to the home. 

Saint Michael is the captain of all the angels and archangels.

He serves on God's blue ray which is the ray of protection. You can ask him for both physical and spiritual protection.

This includes protection from accidents, crime, psychic aggression and even demons.

Protection from your enemies and harm.

Victory over your enemies and evil.

Michael is the leader of all the Archangels and is in charge of protection, courage, strength, truth and integrity.

Michael conquered the fallen angel Satan, was in the Garden of Eden to teach Adam how to farm and care for his family, spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai and in 1950 he was canonized as Saint Michael, "the patron saint of Police Officers," because he helps with heroic deeds and bravery.

Has an incredible knack for fixing electrical and mechanical devices, including computers and automobiles.

If your automobile breaks down, call on Michael

Michael helps us to follow our truth without compromising our integrity and helps us to find our true natures and to be faithful to who we really are. 

Other times when you may find Michael helpful is when your job is too demanding with impossible deadlines to reach, when you have an addiction, if you're very ill and suffering from a degenerative disease or terminal illness and when you suffer from nightmares.

Healing of the sick.

Saint Lazarus promotes complete healing of body, mind, emotions & spirit.  

Pray to San Lazaro to request healing for a specific illness for yourself or others. 

Invoke St. Lazarus for the sick, infirmities of the legs, for problems with drug addictions & to maintain health.

Saint Lazarus, who oversees all diseases, epidemics, and healing.

Saint Lazarus is the Patron saint of lepers, the sick, and those with AIDS.

Depicted as a thin man on crutches, clothed with rags, with leprous sores on his body.

He is accompanied by dogs, who lick his wounds in an attempt to heal him.

It is obvious why a figure as wretched as Lazarus should be petitioned for relief from chronic illness, mobilizing pain, and skin diseases -- but it is also a fact that Lazarus is a favorite saint whose help is sought by those who are poor and in need of money, especially those who hope to receive charitable gifts, government grants, and other forms of philanthropic assistance.

In today's society many of his followers pray to him for health and solution to diseases.

An educator in humility, responsibility, has compassion for those who are faithful to him but with scold those that are not humble to the needs of others with fatal or unexpected sickness.

Usually considered hobbled by disease, he universally takes grains as offerings. 

This candle comes in a clear glass jar 8”x3” with a single wick.

Meditate and establish a psychic link between the candle and yourself.

Be specific in what you ask for.

Candles are burned to seek love, health, fortune, protection, and to lend their energy while casting spells or during rituals.

We offer a wide range of colors, magickal, spiritual & scented candles for any occasion.

Create a wonderfully warm & illuminating source of light for the home & sacred space.




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