2019 New Year New You Lucky 4 Leaf Clover Positive Energy Luck And Power Charm Necklace (Red)

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Best wishes for a great 2019 filled with happiness, healing, motivation, creativity, steady work, family time and inner peace. Our 2019 New Year spiritual candles, resin incense, and more can be used starting from December 2018 and on until December 2019. These 2019 New Years products can help you to clear away remnants of the past that are preventing you from moving forward in your life.  It is time for you to clear an inviting pathway for good luck, success, and happiness.

2019 New Year New You Lucky 4 Leaf Clover Positive Energy Luck And Power Charm Necklace (Red) 

The New Year can often bring a mixed bag of emotions and memories for many of us. Some may have just experienced the best year ever and look forward to an even greater one looming ahead. Others may have just trudged through one deep struggle after another. The fresh calendar year brings hope for things to be better, with an ache for the still-fresh wounds to slowly begin their process of healing.

May the fruits of your spirit be evident in your life. Your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self confidence.

Wishing you and your family good health, happiness, success and prosperity in the coming year. Have a great start to a great year.

Those who believe in the 4 leaf clover are destined for good luck, as each leaf in the clover symbolizes good omens for faith, hope, love, and luck. 

In moments of anxiety, you need to hope and believe in something that helps you recover faith and maintain peace in your life.

A charm is an object that is believed to hold magical properties that attract good luck, ward off evil, protection, financial help, and health. Think of it as a prescription that should be undertaken by those who have a need for it to heal their lives. It is a good idea to wear it to clear the mind of negativity and connect to higher guidance.

Pendant is approximately 2.5 inches long. Necklace string is approximately 40 inches long. Pendant has images on both side, it is double sided. Handmade in Mexico.