Old-time Root Doctors tell us they have used 4 Thieves Vinegar for their own Personal Protection, to Rule, Control, and Foment Dissent among Enemies.

The primary purpose of Four Thieves Vinegar is to provide personal protection from disease and magical attack, especially if the attack is ongoing and looks to continue for a time.

In addition, it is used to strengthen you and weaken your enemies while you work to drive away unwanted people or to make a family quarrel and fall out among themselves.

5 oz Bottle.

Lazaro Brand Spiritual Colognes and Waters have symbolic significance and a lovely aroma.

Can be sprinked around your home, used during spiritual mass, worn on the body to draw luck or love, anoint your alter or mojo bag, cleanse gemstones, or even as an offering to your ancestors.  

Made in house here at Botanica San Lazaro, Clifton NJ 07011

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