Archangel Uriel represents the almighty power of the spirit of life. 

His attribute is a flame representing her mission to raise awareness of human beings with the fire of truth.

Uriel rules the mental plane, our thoughts and ideas, creativity, insights, judgment, magic, alchemy, astrology, universal consciousness, divine order, the distribution of power, the cosmic universal flow and the Earth's environment.

Uriel is humanity's link to the spiritual realms and he can show us how to find our inner power.

As the Archangel of Salvation, Uriel can show us how to heal every aspect of lives, turning disappointments into victories, find blessings in adversity, and release the painful burdens and memories of the past through the application of unconditional forgiveness.

Uriel uses his flaming sword to purify mental and emotional understanding and transmute lower vibrational energies into enlightened spiritual understanding.

This candles come in a clear glass jar, 4” x 3” with a single wick.

Create a wonderfully warm and illuminating source of light for the home and sacred space.

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