Connect spiritually to the energy of the Orisha Chango.

Chango is Lord of Fire, Thunder and Lightning and also the patron of music, drumming and dancing. 

Represents male beauty, virility, passion and power 

Knows to be a spirit of Power, Magnificent Beauty and Wisdom.

Chango is curageous and a great witch.

Also a flirt or womanizer but also charming and very generous.

With his weapons he can create or destroy anything he desires. 

Colors are white and red and his number is 6. 

Portrayed as Santa Barbara in Catholic lore as a fiercely independent and brave young woman, dressed usually in red and white costume, holding a sword and wearing a crown like Chango. 

Santa Bárbara's association with Changó shows that females and males alike can wield Changó's power.  

Both male and female initiates can be crowned with Chango, making him their father in the religion.

Chango is the ruler of fire in all its forms.

Attract the virility, strength & wealth he produces.

This candles come in a clear glass jar, 8” x 2.5” with a single wick.

Candles are burned to seek love, health, fortune, protection and to lend their energy while casting spells or during rituals.

We offer a wide range of colors, magickal, spiritual and scented candles for any occasion.

Create a wonderfully warm and illuminating source of light for the home and sacred space.

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