7 Men oil has a refreshing scent intended to cleanse the soul and strengthen the mind.

Also, used to take away bad influences and protect you from harm.

Sprinkle 7 Men Spiritual oil every day on your hands with great faith.Œ

This will help you to seek enough money, love, power, protection, health and strength for all your necessities.

Attract men or woman of the highest quality.

Have luck in love and money!

Attract men/women and money fast! Men/women will be unable to resist your powers and attraction.

"Siete Machos" translates as "Seven Male Animals" -- here depicted as seven horned buck goats whose heads are arrayed around a steaming cauldron from whence issues magical aromatic essences. Siete Machos perfume, which has a light, pleasantly musky fragrance, is worn by men to increase their manliness and to help them win in love affairs.

It is believed to attract women.

Since billy goats are notorious for their highly developed sexuality and the way in which their strong odor attracts females, the use of the male goat as a symbol is highly appropriate for this occult perfume. Œ

Concentrate on your desires.Œ

INDIO BRAND Fragranced Spiritual Oil

Traditionally used to dress candles, anoint the body or objects, sprinkle on amulets an hands.

Can also be used in an oil burner as aromatherapy and as a fragrance on the body.

*Please read ingredients before any contact with the skin to avoid an allergic reaction.*

1/2 fl. oz. (14.7ml)

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