An Eleke is a string of beads that can be worn by man or woman to help achieve their goal for the problem at hand.

The beads represent the energy of the various Orishas, Saints, and Spirits to guide us with spiritual awareness, inner peace, and positive transformation.

The beads are a vehicle to connect you to that energy on a daily basis. It’s like a mini shrine being placed on your person.

Agayú (also spelled Aganyu, Agganju, Argayú or Agayu Sola) is the orisha of volcanos. He is also the ferryman that helps people cross the river, and some lineages say Aggayú is the orisha of deserts.

Sacred Place in Nature: the volcano, the river’s edge or the desert

Number: 9

Colors: brown and 9 different colors (no black)

Tools: double headed axe with anchor-like hook on the handle

Temperament: bellicose, moody

Syncretized Catholic Saint: Saint Christopher

Agayu does not have caminos or paths like some of the other orishas because he is singular in nature.

He is that strength that we all have inside that comes from deep in our soul. The core of our body.

Agayu wields a unique double axe with an anchor-like handle as his tool. He teaches us the importance of being strong, steady and level-headed in life, and he supports us through trials and tribulations.

Responsible for creating new land through the forces of vulcanism, plate tectonics and through sediment being washed down rivers and deposited in new areas. Patakis (legends) talk about his hard work striding across the lands, building new mountains, carving the pathways of new rivers and his various relationships with several of the female orishas. In particular, Agayu has a deep infatuation and love for Oshun. One pataki (from the odu 5-9) recalls a time when Agayu was ferrying people across a river and he fell in. Agayu cannot swim and quickly started to drown. It was Oshun who helped pull him out of the river using an oar and saved his life. Agayu fell in love with Oshun from then onward.

The orisha that represents the nature and wrath of the volcano. He is a very tall gigantic man who lives alongside the rivers. Agallu, Bi Yaya or Agallu Sola which he is also known, is represented by earthquakes, the energy, and core of the earth. The lava and magma is associated with him, due to his mother Oroiña. He is the heat that comes from within all and keeps the earth moving. Agayu is the cane that holds all of the orishas. In Santeria, priests of Agayu receive him in a wooden or terra cotta vessel where his mysteries are kept. It is said that the vessel should stay uncover because you can’t put a cover on top of a volcano. You place a cloth of multicolor or mariwo (grass skirt) on top of him to contain anyone seeing his secrets. 

Earthquakes are associated with the orisha Agayu because it is him that is changing the earth from deep within the core. Whether it’s because the orisha is upset or he is making room for change. When humankind disrespects the earth, he lets go and shakes the walls of the core which quakes the earth. He is very popular on the western part of the United Sates due to the high volume of earthquakes. But people forget to realize that earthquakes happen in all parts of the world. It happens deep under the ocean crust where Agayu and Yemaya are planning on changing the surface of the earth. When an earthquake happens it changes the way we live on earth. From the new crust that shows more and new roads are built and theirs new life and artifacts to explore.

Agayu is also seen to be near riverbanks. He is the one that transports and people across the rivers. He is our modern day ferryman. He learned how to soothe the rough river waters after having a relationship with the orisha Oshun. From then, he has transported humankind across the rivers so they can reach the other side. Agayu colors is a burgundy or dark wine colors. He also takes the 9 colors of Oya due to an exchange that Oya gave him. She gave him her multicolor skirt to wear out of thanks for a favor.

When Agayu walks he takes big strides and has a heavy foot. He is said that he takes big steps because he is stepping over huge obstacles. He carries a staff and his oshè (double edge ax), in which he uses when he walking around overstepping obstacles. He is a silent warrior as he stays to himself. But when he is bothered he comes with great force, just as the lava and the earthquakes that shake our planet.

Approximately 34 inches long.



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