Planets are Mercury & Jupiter.

Element is Air.

Deities are Apollo and Mercury

Magickal uses of Anise are contacting other planes, divination, love, passion, preventing nightmares, protection, psychic development, psychic protection, purification

Other magickal uses are clairvoyance, cleansing, consecration, fertility, gain, good luck, happiness, money, weddings

It is said that if you put Anise cuttings near your bed or inside your pillowcase, it will ward off bad dreams.

Drink one cup of Anise tea per day for psychic and spiritual development.  

Anise burned on charcoal before bed will promote prophetic dreams. 

Anise seed can be combined with Bay leaves in a sachet for a purifying bath.

Burn dried Anise seed for protection and meditation rituals.

Use anise seed in protection baths, combined with bay leaves.  Anise seeds are an herb of protection said to avert all evil. In ancient Roman times, they were baked into a cake that was served at the end of the wedding feast.

Anise Essential Oil is particularly potent when you are working a spell that has to do with protection or purification, with Anise being a great aid in these kinds of magick. Potent when added to divination magick, particularly when you are seeking clairvoyance or other such qualities within your seeking. 

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