Judiel Archangel Please Open The Door To New Customers I Want My Business To Success To Give My Family A Better Life (Liquid Soap 8oz)

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Jehudiel is known as the angel of work.

He gives encouragement, wisdom, and strength to people who work for God's glory -- especially those in positions of power and leadership who want to honor God while carrying out his or her job responsibilities.

People also ask for Jehudiel's help to: figure out which career is best for them, find a good job, complete their tasks well and on time, solve problems on the job, find peace in the midst of stressful work situations, figure out which volunteer service opportunities God wants them to focus on, and accomplish God's purposes for all of the work they do.

Lazaro Brand Spiritual Bath Liquid uses the highest quality ingredients.

Spiritual bathing is a cleansing ritual where you consciously bathe your body, mind, and spirit.

Pour contents into half tub of water and mix well.

Stay in bathtub for 7 minutes.