The Living Room Fragrance is gardenia with rose and lilac.

The spiritual purpose is to Bring Peace To Your Home, to have Peaceful Relations with those who live with you and to keep Peaceful Vibes in your Home Sweet Home.

Many folks tell us that they want satisfying conjugal relations, happy children, steady money, pleasant in-laws, and above all, a peaceful home.  If you love your family but are overwhelmed by spats, fights, and grudges, try Living Room Candle to soothe hot tempers and help bring about a harmonious home life.

The limited edition frosted jar vessel is topped with an etched metal lid that will be a beautiful accent in any home.

Features hand-poured candle presented in beautiful recycled glass and finished with ornate steel tooled lids.

It's not hard to see why Aspen Bay Candles are the best candles on the market. The unique super-refined, food-grade soy wax formulation absorbs more fragrance oil than any other natural candle wax available. Special blend burns clean and strong and lasts up to twice as long as normal candles.

The fragrances are designed with the assistance of the finest perfumers from all around the world, and we use recycled materials wherever possible in the production of our products. The result is a line of premium candles with quality you can see, and most importantly, smell.

Experience the wonderful fragrances and long burn times these candles.

A simple yet elegant collection - hand-poured candles presented in beautiful silver tin vessel with lid..

The wax blend is a proprietary mix developed over the course of years - primarily based on unltra-refined soy wax

The 19 ounce candle measures 4 in H x 5 in D and has 85+ hours burn time

Hand poured in Starkville, MS, USA

Luxury spiritual candles with a beautiful modern design, pure scents, plus most importanly the ability to be used for your ritual & prayer needs. For those of you who need a less obvious looking magickal & spiritual candle these candles are perfect. It is a reality that you may have to hide your spiritual candles & tools from others. It is just how it is, some people are closed minded, not accepting of wicca, santeria, 21 divisions, left-hand path & all the others non-traditional spiritual paths. With Aspen Bay & Capri Blue luxury candles you can have the best of both worlds, spiritual & modern. You can place one or more of these candles in plain sight & only you will know the real spiritual purpose of it.



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