Barberry is a very interesting bush: commonly grown as a garden plant for its bright red decorative fruit, which is edible and very rich in vitamin C, although it is extremely sour. The fruit is sometimes pressed as juice or processed into jams.


Medicinally it is the bitter bark that is used. One of its main principal constituents is berberine, which is also present in Golden Seal and both plants can be used for many of the same conditions. Barberry is considered a specific for liver and gallbladder problems, congestion, stones and biliousness. It promotes the flow of bile and aids in problems associated with sluggish liver function. But it is more than a liver tonic, although more research is needed to ascertain some of its other applications. Barberry is said to be effective in the treatment of malaria and leishmansiasis. It is also reported to reduce an enlarged spleen and to be effective in the treatment of certain cancers and tumors. Barberry can be used as a cleansing tonic in chronic conditions, general debility or during convalescence.

Barberry, sewn into an amulet, acts as a protective charm for children and is believed to ease teething. Ritually collected and consecrated Barberry can be used as counter magic and protection against evil witchcraft and curses that are transferred by magically prepared thorns.

Herbs have been used from the beginning of time. Animals instinctively learned to use different plants for their own healing and strengthening. Man has also used herbs to treat his illnesses for thousands of years and the usage of herbs by humans has been documented in all major ancient civilizations. Many people, throughout the world, still continue to use herbs to benefit their lives.  Herbalists believe that herbs put the body in tune with nature and scientific studies are being done into the folklore of herbal uses to help develop new therapeutic medicines.

In ancient times, herbalism was a mixture of medicine and magic. Herbs have been used in magical rituals for centuries by women and men alike and are one of the main tools of wizards and witches. Theirs has been a tradition of honoring and keeping the ancient ways of the use of herbs.

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