Planetary Association: Venus

Element: Earth

Deity: Venus

Magickal Uses: Love, Healing, Protection. Use the grain or barley water in love spells. Most closely associated with the sacrificial grain god. It is a Lammas plant, planted late and harvested early, and used in Lammas altar sheaves.

Scatter on the ground to keep evil at bay. Tie barley straw around a rock and throw into a river or lake while visualizing any pain you have to make the pain go away. Use this herb when performing Love spells.

To attract the love of a man, wear in your bosom or put it in your pocket. Depending upon your success it will lose or retain its freshness.

Oldest of the Seven Sacred Grains of mankind and was cultivated in Jordan around 10,000 BC. The grain was sacred to various gods throughout India, Greece, Scandinavia, and the Middle East. Esoterically, barley is a gentle, nurturing force that stimulates the Heart Chakra and is used to ease a person’s emotional burden by turning harsh feelings into love and warding off any negativity that originates from other people. Barley grass juice is considered an effective psychological grounding agent and physical energizer.

Sprinkle Barley around the perimeter of your yard [or on windowsills] to ward off evil. A few grains under your doormat will offer protection and repel negativity and evil that would enter.

One of the basic food plants in ancient times, it was used for bread and beer. Grain has been found dating back to predynastic times in Egypt. Symbolizing the resurrection of Osiris, an entire barley plant was left in the sarcophagus of Amenophis I. The wife or servants, to produce malt for brewing beer, used germinated barley, at home. This was most likely a thin gruel. In modern Egypt the Nubians brew a beer called bouza. It contains about 7% alcohol.

For love spells use the grain or barley water. A toothache can be cured with barley. To free yourself from pain, wrap a straw of barley around a stone while visualizing the pain into the stone. Next throw the stone into a river (or any running water) and see your pain ‘being washed away’

Shamanic Uses: Barley is sacred to Frey in his aspect as Ing, the sacrificial corn god. All barley products, especially the liquid ones, are appropriate to use as libations for him, and to ask his blessing in sorrowful places. As he is one of the Bright Guys, he is especially good to call on when one is depressed and unhappy.

Herbs have been used from the beginning of time. Animals instinctively learned to use different plants for their own healing and strengthening. Man has also used herbs to treat his illnesses for thousands of years and the usage of herbs by humans has been documented in all major ancient civilizations. Many people, throughout the world, still continue to use herbs to benefit their lives. Herbalists believe that herbs put the body in tune with nature and scientific studies are being done into the folklore of herbal uses to help develop new therapeutic medicines

In ancient times, herbalism was a mixture of medicine and magic. Herbs have been used in magical rituals for centuries by women and men alike and are one of the main tools of wizards and witches. Theirs has been a tradition of honoring and keeping the ancient ways of the use of herbs.

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