Dressed and blessed with the best spiritual oils and herbs for maximum spiritual power.

Purify a space such as a room, home or business.

Excellent for use during seances & other spiritual rituals.

Brings peace to the home. 

Uplifts mood.

Tobacco is one of several plants with a name that comes from a Native American language "tobacco" comes from tabaco, a Taino/Arawak name for the plant that was picked up by the Spanish in the 1500's.

Tobacco is one of the most important Native American ceremonial plants, used by nearly every indigenous tribe of North America and most tribes of Central and South America as well.

Even cultures that did no other farming usually raised tobacco, and tribes that couldn't grow tobacco for themselves often traded with other groups to acquire it. 

Tobacco is considered a gift from the Creator in many Native American culture, tobacco smoke is a means of carrying the smoker's prayers to God.

Many tribes have important myths about the origin of the first tobacco.

In some North American tribes, tobacco was exclusively farmed by men, and women were forbidden from touching the growing plants.

Once it had been harvested, however, Native American men and women both smoked.

Tobacco leaves were smoked at rituals, ceremonies, and important social events, and also as medicine for any number of ailments.

Tobacco is associated with relaxation, healing, and peace.

In some tribes, particularly in North America, the pipes used for smoking tobacco are themselves considered highly sacred.

In others, tobacco pipes are purely utilitarian or decorative objects.

Tobacco is one of the herbs frequently included in medicine bundles, and is still popularly used as an offering or gift today. 

Sacred tobacco is used for prayers of gratitude to thank the Creator of Mother Earth for our many blessings, such as good health, great fishing, and good crops.

When any plant is picked or any animal is taken, Tobacco and Prayer must be given to show respect.

By honoring all our relations we demonstrate that we have not forgotten our place within the web of life.

To offer someone tobacco is to ask that you and the person receiving the tobacco be of one heart, one mind and one spirit.

Tobacco is offered when you ask someone to do a ceremony for you, such as a name-giving, drumming or singing for someone, to do a smudging ceremony, a sweat lodge or sacred pipe ceremony any ceremony.

This signifies that you and the one doing the ceremony are of one heart, one mind and one spirit, that you have the same purpose.

This candle comes in a clear glass jar 8”x3” with a single wick.

Meditate and establish a psychic link between the candle and yourself.

Be specific in what you ask for.

Candles are burned to seek love, health, fortune, protection, and to lend their energy while casting spells or during rituals.

We offer a wide range of colors, magickal, spiritual & scented candles for any occasion.

Create a wonderfully warm & illuminating source of light for the home & sacred space.

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