An spiritual bracelet is a string of beads that can be worn by man or woman to help achieve their goal for the problem at hand.

It represent the energy of the various Orishas, Saints, and Spirits to guide us with spiritual awareness, inner peace, and positive transformation.

The spiritual bracelet is a vehicle to connect you to that energy on a daily basis. It’s like a mini shrine being placed on your person.

Adjustable size from 6" to 10" bracelet

Jesús Malverde, possibly born as Jesús Juarez Mazo (1870-1909), sometimes known as the "generous bandit", "angel of the poor"or the "narco-saint", is a folklore hero in the Mexican state of Sinaloa.

Celebrated as a folk saint by some in Mexico and the United States, particularly among those involved in drug trafficking. 

He brings money, stability and job opportunities. 

His earliest alleged miracles involved the return of lost or stolen property. 

Since Malverde's supposed death, he has earned a Robin Hood-type image, making him popular among Mexico's poor residents.

His bones were said to have been unofficially buried by local people, who threw stones onto them, creating a cairn.

Throwing a stone onto the bones was thus a sign of respect, and gave the person the right to make a petition to his spirit. 

Every year on the anniversary of his death a large party is held at Malverde's shrine.

The original shrine was built over in the 1970s, amid much controversy, and a new shrine was built on nearby land. 

The original site, which became a parking lot, has since been revived as an unofficial shrine, with a cairn and offerings.

The outlaw image has caused him to be adopted as the "patron saint" of the region's illegal drug trade, and the press have thus dubbed him "the narco-saint."

However, his intercession is also sought by those with troubles of various kinds, and a number of supposed miracles have been locally attributed to him, including personal healing and blessings.



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