Brazil Wood is to be of use in reducing sugar levels as well as helping to remove gallstones from kidneys.

It been proven experimentally that Brazil Wood has antibiotic activity against human pathogenic bacteria related to infectious processes of the digestive and respiratory system, which validates some of its therapeutic applications .

Boil to make a tea to lower blood sugar and lower cholesterol.

Brazil Wood medicinal use: Diarrhea, Digestion problems, Pulmonary hemorrhage, Skin Disorders, Soothing and relieving pain, Stimulates menstruation, Ulcers, Urinary problems and Wounds

“PALO” STICKS Religious spiritual practitioners from the Caribbean and South America use “palos” in their magical sorcery spells. The word “palo” means stick or wood.

Palos can be used in your magical spells in various forms.

The individual “palos” can be wrapped with the clothing of the target of your spell or can be added to “magic jar spells”.

Powdered palos can be used as magic sprinkling powders and mixed with other magical ingredients to enhance your spell or even used in the preparation of candle dressings.

All of the magical “palos” can be used in the preparation of powerful amulets for yourself or for others. 

Approximately 4 oz.

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