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Nerviosan is a blend of three herbs and botanical extracts carefully selected from the depths of the Amazon rainforest. This unique herbal infusion has traditionally been used throughout Latin America to relieve occasional stress and tension. Its soothing effect also makes this delicious infusion a perfect choice anytime you need to relax.

Preparation (Approx. 4 Cups); To obtain the optimal benefits of this herbal tea, add 13gr. (1/3 of package) into a liter of boiling water for approximately 5 to 7 minutes, let it stand, strain and serve. Sweeten to taste with honey and or/lemon drops.

Nuestro Salud Brand: For over 10 years we have maintained an unwavering commitment to offer the purest product line available from natural and medicinal herbs. We believe that true health as well as true beauty can only be achieved through proper nutrition and care. For this reason we chose to select the Peruvian herbs. 

In the heart of South America, nestled between the Amazon rainforest and the Andes mountain region, Peru is home to the best natural and medicinal herbs in the world. With its soil rich in nutrients and high altitudes, no other region in the world can compare. Once collected and carefully selected, natural and medicinal herbs are packaged in their complete and natural form to preserve their beneficial properties. This ensures that all our products are as Mother Nature pretends, pure and simple. 
40 gram ziplock bag.
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