Mercury Collection Candle Found Glass Volcano

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For a burst of energy light up Volcano candle in the captivating scent of tropical fruit and sugared citrus, Capri Blue's most popular scent.

The vintage-inspired mercury glass vessel is topped with a brushed gold tone metal lid and can be repurposed and enjoyed for years to come.

Luxury spiritual candles with a beautiful modern design, pure scents, plus most importantly the ability to be used for your ritual & prayer needs. For those of you who need a less obvious looking magickal & spiritual candle these candles are perfect. It is a reality that you may have to hide your spiritual candles & tools from others. It is just how it is, some people are closed minded, not accepting of wicca, Santeria, 21 divisions, yoga & all the others non-traditional spiritual paths. With Aspen Bay & Capri Blue luxury candles you can have the best of both worlds, spiritual & modern. You can place one or more of these candles in plain sight & only you will know the real spiritual purpose of it.

4 in H x 3.25 in D, 40 hours fragrant burn time

All-Natural Food-Grade Soy Wax Blend.

Burns Clean, strong and long lasting.

Made in the USA.

BURN TIME: 40 hours

4 x 3.25 inches.