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"Siete Machos" translates as "Seven Male Animals" here depicted as seven horned buck goats whose heads are arrayed around a steaming cauldron from whence issues magical aromatic essences.

Siete Machos perfume, which has a light, pleasantly musky fragrance, is worn by men to increase their manliness and to help them win in love affairs.

Since billy goats are notorious for their highly developed sexuality the way in which their strong odor attracts females, the use of the male goat as a symbol is highly appropriate for this occult perfume.

Established in 1930 the 7 Machos Brand is one of the oldest brands in Mexico.

Lotions, perfumes, soaps, and more based on a variety of scents, flowers and natural extracts harvested by Mexican Indians, who mixed this different aroma.

The black bottle adds elegance, seriousness and mysticism.

The label with golden frame symbolizing abundance.

The cauldron with tongues of fire represents faith to accomplish what you propose.

7 goats representing on one hand the number 7 kabbalistic and good luck.

On the other male side rafters symbolize strength and perseverance.

All supported by a red bar means love, essential substance of human relations. 


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