Complete Book Of Baths 

by Robert Laremy

  • 105 page soft-cover books

In this book Robert Laremy gives us a seemingly endless list of spells from many different cultures involving the act of ritual bathing.

Featuring recipes for love, money, health, happiness, spiritual growth, psychic defense, fighting bad habits & much more.

It is important when taking a spiritual bath to understand that it is different from a regular bath. A normal bath is a necessary function that removes the dirt and grime of daily living, a spiritual or ritual bath has a totally different aim, to remove unwanted energies and baleful vibrations. The act of undertaking a spiritual bath indicates that the person doing it is a believer in the higher truths. This belief in itself triggers the necessary energies that, mixed with the physical attributes of the ingredients chosen, facilitates the elimination of unwanted vibrations and the acquisition of positive energies. Try these tried and true recipes including:

  • Baths To Remove Negativity
  • Baths To Increase Your Wealth
  • Uncrossing Baths
  • Love Baths
  • Good Luck Baths
  • Curative Baths
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