Commonly employed in almost all types of matters involving finances, employment, or romance.

Intended to compel others to comply with your every demand or command.

It is also a perfect oil to use for enhancing your personal charisma.

Imparts the ability to influence the actions and thoughts of others.

Control lover, insure power over another, establish dominance.

Control your mate, boss, enemies, children or friends.

To control any situation or person. 

It’s not just meant for controlling other people,  a great way to control yourself. It’s perfect when you are attempting to rid yourself of bad habits. Thus, you may use it to overcome many personal flaws & weaknesses. 

The woman who lives with doubts of her loved one’s fidelity may decide to employ the magnetizing qualities attributed to this enticing magickal candle.

Control an enemy that wishes to harm you by making them tame as a lamb.

Spells to make one lover submissive to the other.

Tame those lovers that are quarrelsome.

As a compelling potion it has few rivals it is very effective for all domination & control spells, used with red candles, brown candles & in more serious matters with black candles.

Give power to spells, healing & prayers.

Add power to candles, incense, rituals & spells.

Aboint body, door knobs, candles, bath, incense.

7 SISTERS BRAND Fragranced Spiritual Oil 

*Please read ingredients before any contact with the skin to avoid any allergic reaction.

1/2 fl. oz. (14.7ml)

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