Focus your thoughts on legal conflict and sway the scales of justice to your favor to aid your intentions and generate positive energy around you.

Ease your way through the justice system by anointing your wrists before going to the  the court room or attorney office whenever you are consulting with attorneys or going into court before a judge or jury.

Influence both judge and jury to decide in your favour.

Rub on your wrists before attending court or consulting with attorneys to ease your way through the justice system.

Helps to focus your thoughts on the legal conflict & to sway the scales of justice to your favor.

Better your chances in an impending legal battle.

Draw a favorable verdict in all legal matters.

Traditionally used to dress candles, anoint the body or objects, sprinkle on amulets an hands.

Can also be used in an oil burner as aeromatheraphy and as a fragrance on the body.

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