Element of Earth. 

Feminine Energy. 

Planetary association is Saturn

Zodiac association is Pisces

Cypress is a sacred tree of Celtic Astrology 25 January to 03 February and 26 July to 04 August. 

Sacred to Apollo, Hera, Athena, Hades, Pluto, Hekate, Artemis, Asclepius, Astarte, Persephone, the sisters of Fate, Cronus, Cybele and Aphrodite. 

Runes are Eihwaz and Uruz

Cypress wood has been used for Maypoles. 

Jupiter carries a scepter made from Cypress wood. 

To the Greeks, Cypress trees stood between the barrier of earth and the Underworld. 

The arrows of Cupid are made from Cypress wood. 

Egyptians used Cypress wood in the mummification process and often used the wood for the mummy sarcophagus. 

Apollo was born and raised in a sacred Cypress grove. 

Cypress trees have a calming affect that aide those overcoming losses. 

Because of the Cypress wood connection to the afterlife, Ouija Boards made of Cypress wood strengthen the connection to spirits from the other side.

Cypress wood magic can be used for healing and protection. 

Cypress talismans can be used for legal matters, prosperity, wealth, and luck. 

Cypress wood used when spell casting aids in the longevity of the spell. 

For the followers of Hekate, Cypress trees planted on the property provide a blessing and protection. 

Cypress wood has been long associated with the everlasting nature of the soul. Thus spirit boards made from Cypress wood provide a stronger connection to those who have passed. 

Burning Cypress wood or using a Cypress wood base under a crystal ball aids in divination skills. 

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