Lust, sex magick and attracting love.

Useful for any love or sex spells.

Used by solitary practitioners to open the chakras and increase psychic abilities.

This herb can be stored in a container with a quartz crystal.

Highly useful in tantra magick, astral travel, deep meditation, and spirit quests. 

Also Called: Love Leaf, Mexican Damiana

Note: Internal use of this herb can be toxic to the liver. DO NOT EAT.

Sex magick, lust, love, visions. Use in lust spells. Use in love baths. Burn to enhance visions. Damiana can be prepared in a tea for use in sex magick. It is a mild aphrodisiac. It produces a marijuana-like euphoria when smoked. Good for enchanting a male lover. Damiana tea is the best thing for hangovers. Use caution with this herb.

Herbs have been used from the beginning of time. Animals instinctively learned to use different plants for their own healing and strengthening. Man has also used herbs to treat his illnesses for thousands of years and the usage of herbs by humans has been documented in all major ancient civilizations.  

Many people, throughout the world, still continue to use herbs to benefit their lives. Herbalists believe that herbs put the body in tune with nature and scientific studies are being done into the folklore of herbal uses to help develop new therapeutic medicines.

In ancient times, herbalism was a mixture of medicine and magic. Herbs have been used in magical rituals for centuries by women and men alike and are one of the main tools of wizards and witches. Theirs has been a tradition of honoring and keeping the ancient ways of the use of herbs.

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