Destroy your enemies (they won't bother you any more).

Destroy a man's sexuality, make him limp and soft for the other woman/man.

If the work were directed to affect a person mentally, then that should be the result.

But remember, destruction work can also be directed to hit someone physically -- as, for instance, to destroy their sex life -- or to hurt them economically -- as, for instance, on the job.

So think about what exactly you wish to destroy and focus your intention upon it.

Destruction will hit whatever area of life you direct it toward; and you may, if you wish, direct it to "every area" of a person's life. 

Sprinkle on voodoo dolls, poppets or candles to destroy enemies.

Destruction is the action or process of causing so much damage to something that it no longer exists or cannot be repaired.

For dressing ritual candles, sprinkle in/around your home/business/etc, blow in the air, add to mojo bag, gives your spells a boost.

Really there are infinite possiblities for the spiritual uses of Ritual Powders such as:

Sprinkle around the perimeter of the magick circle before ritual or spell casting.

For candle magick, rub the spell or ritual candle with oil then roll it in the magick powder.

Hold a pinch of Ritual Powder in your hand while envisioning the outcome that you desire, once you “feel” your powder is filled with energy, you may burn it, release it to the winds, sprinkle it on the earth, or throw it into running water.

Sprinkle on your Altar or draw runes or other magickal sigils with the powder to add extra power to your magick spells.  Sprinkle in specific shapes to use as focal points for visualization: protection powder in shells or pentagrams; love powder in hearts; psychic powders in spirals.

Sprinkle Powders in each of the four corners of a room or ritual space & at the doors to keep dark energies away.

Sprinkling is done in a number of ways. It can involve laying down powders while walking backwards, placing small piles in the corners of rooms, making a line at the doors, casting powders out over walkways, or even onto carpets to then be vacuumed up.

Blowing is done normally by placing a small amount of the powder into the palm of the hand, or onto a sheet of paper and then blowing the Powders towards a person, place, direction, or the Sacred Four Quarters.

Dressing items is often as simple as sprinkling the powders over items (or lightly dusting the items with sachet powders on a makeup brush) and then blowing or shaking off the extra for collection and reuse later. This method can be used on almost anything; ritual candles, paper money and coins, business cards, job applications, mortgage papers, handkerchiefs, and especially love letters.

Also, can be mixed with glitter, cascarilla, brown sugar, etc, to give the magickal working a boost.

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