Don Dinero  Mr. Money is the folk saint or spirit of money, prosperity, and abundance.

When you need help with a financial situation, wear this money drawing cologne, Mr. Money Don Dinero.

When you need help with a financial situation call on Don Dinero.

The spiritual purpose of this blend is to help improve the state of personal finances, find a job, bring customers to your business.

Increase your cash flow.

Aid in gaining wealth & increasing business.

Improve your finances, bring customers to your business, good luck at job interview, increase your savings account, win at games of chance. 

This powerful gentleman, Mr. Money, is known to help our during difficult financial situations. 

5 oz Bottle.

Lazaro Brand Spiritual Colognes and Waters have symbolic significance and a lovely aroma.

Can be sprinkled around your home, used during spiritual mass, worn on the body to draw luck or love, anoint your alter or mojo bag, cleanse gemstones, or even as an offering to your ancestors.  

Made in house here at Botanica San Lazaro, Clifton NJ 07011

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