Dream Recall Spray On Your Bed And Yourself Before Bed Your Dreams Have Answers (Spray Bottle 4oz)

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Getting plenty of sleep is the first step to good dream recall.

If you are rested it will be easier to focus on your goal of recalling dreams, and you won't mind so much taking the time during the night to record your dreams.

Another benefit of getting plenty of sleep is that dream periods get longer and closer together as the night proceeds.

The first dream of the night is the shortest, perhaps 10 minutes in length, while after 8 hours of sleep, dream periods can be 45 minutes to an hour long.

We all dream every night, about one dream period every 90 minutes.

People who say they never dream simply never remember their dreams.

You may have more than one dream during a REM (dream) period, separated by short arousals that are most often forgotten.

It is generally accepted among sleep researchers that dreams are not recalled unless the sleeper awakens directly from the dream, rather than after going on to other stages of sleep.

Spray on your bed + on yourself before bed to remember your dreams.

Your dreams have answers to tell you.

Made with essential oils, spiritual cologne & distilled water.

Meditate and establish a psychic link between the spray and yourself.

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