Attract prosperity & abundance.

Increase your cash flow.

Make money rain down on you. 

Improve your finances, bring customers to your business, good luck at job interview, increase your savings account, win at games of chance. 

Bring prosperity into your life, abundance of money, stead work. 

Create a successful, flourishing, or thriving condition, especially in financial respects.
Good fortune & prosperous circumstances, characterized by financial success or good fortune.

Dressed and blessed with the best spiritual oils and herbs for maximum spiritual power.

Candles are burned to seek love, health, fortune, protection and to lend their energy while casting spells or during rituals.

We offer a wide range of colors, magickal, spiritual and scented candles for any occasion.

Create a wonderfully warm and illuminating source of light for the home and sacred space.

Purify a space such as a room, home or business.

Excellent for use during seances & other spiritual rituals.

Brings peace to the home. 

Uplifts mood.

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Definitely will buy again

Definitely at great buy never seen such a beautiful candle that works with great mysteries. My order came on time and extremely satisfied