Use with mop in water to remove evil spirits. 

Ammonia is a used as a magickal cleanser, purifier, and protectant.

Do away with jinxes and crossed conditions, or to spiritually wash away any evil trick and messed out down for you or thrown in your path.

A common practice among business owners is to ass Ammonia to sidewalk scrubbing water, with cinnamon powder and sugar and to mop or sweet inward, toward the front door to draw usters with money to spend.  

External Use Only. Do not put on your skin. Do not drink. Keep Away From Children.

Add contents into a gallon of cold water and mop your floors.

Floor washing for the general spiritual cleansing purification of a home or place of business. 

Take off harmful witchcraft spells to clear away spiritual messes, scrub the floors while praying on your desire.



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