Florida Water Restore Optimum Balance Within You (Aerosol Air Freshener)

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A staple for many of the ceremonies of Afro/Latino religious expressions or sets.

Florida Water is a cologne used for spiritual services, purification, cleansing, healing, jinx breaking, protection from enemies, tranquility, peaceful home, dealing with the dead, safe travel and psychic preparations.

Can be used like Holy Water for cleansing, good luck and protection.

Versatile in many different ways and very effectie, its floral aroma works onthe spiritual & energetic in an exceptional manner.

For Santeria practitioners in Cuba, it has become a must and is used as the basis for the preparation of lotions, cleaning and bathing.

A product of purification and harmonization of energy, restoring the optimum balance, acts to solve problems, and also acts as an opener of roads and triumph. 

Florida Water Cologne has both spiritual and practical purposes.

It is used to cleanse the soul, to attract good luck and to provide protection.

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