High John The Conqueror Solve Your Problems Victory Despite Struggle Clear Thinking House Blessing (Aerosol Air Freshener)

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John the Conqueror was an African prince who was sold as a slave in the Americas.

Despite his enslavement, his spirit was never broken and he survived in folklore as a sort of a trickster figure, because of the tricks he played to evade his masters. 

If something or someone is brining you down & blocking you then conquer them with the power of High John The Conqueror.

To conquer all your problems with power.

Conqueror the situation. 

Gain strength & confidence.

Enhance personal sexual power.

Promotes clear thinking, victory over all odds, help to solve a problem, legal matters, luck, money and gambling.

Also, for personal power, success, physical strength, sexual prowess and for men to attract women.

Aerosol room sprays are a perfect way to freshen the scent of any room as well as increase its mystical powers.

Spray a little or a lot to entice money, love and good luck as well as push away your enemies, evil and negativity. 

Spray some in your room before a prayer session, or at a time of meditation or reflection.

Spiritual aerosol spray has both spiritual and practical purposes. 

Helps to bring luck your way, giving the riches, prosperity and successes you aim to achieve.  

Aerosol Sprays can only be shipped inside the U.S.

12 oz. (340g) Can