Most holy Apostle, Saint Jude Thaddeus, friend of Jesus, I place myself in your care at this difficult time.

Help me know that I need not face my troubles alone.

Please join me in my need, asking God to send me: consolation in my sorrow, courage in my fear, and healing in the midst of my suffering.

Ask our loving Lord to fill me with the grace to accept whatever may lie ahead for me and my loved ones, and to strengthen my faith in God's healing powers.

Thank you, Saint Jude Thaddeus, for the promise of hope you hold out to all who believe, and inspire me to give this gift of hope to others as it has been given to me.

A talisman is an object that is thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.

Also can be called a lucky charm, charm, fetish, amulet, mascot, totem or juju.

An object held to act as a charm to avert evil and bring good fortune.

A talisman is an object believed to contain certain magical properties thought to draw good luck to the possessor or offer the possessor protection from possible evil or harm.

A magical figure charged with the force which it is intended to represent.

Virtually every religion in human history has offered small decorative objects which purpose is to do anything ranging between healing, protection or success.

Approximately 2" tall

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