An Eleke is a string of beads that can be worn by man or woman to help achieve their goal for the problem at hand.

The beads represent the energy of the various Orishas, Saints, and Spirits to guide us with spiritual awareness, inner peace, and positive transformation.

The beads are a vehicle to connect you to that energy on a daily basis. 

It’s like a mini shrine being placed on your person.

The color green "symbolizes the master healer and the life force." 

The color of nature, we see it in grass, leaves, trees and other plants all around us.

Green reflects life, fertility, renewal, freshness and growth.

People with green thumbs are known for their ability to make things grow.

Green vegetables are among the healthiest foods to eat.

Although green is thought of as a passive color, it is fresh and cool and has a soothing and restful effect, suggesting a respite from the worries and cares of the world.

If you are feeling a need for more green energy in life, simply going outdoors and going for a walk, especially in the woods, can be very helpful.

Contact with nature is very important if you want to be in balance and have a peaceful and harmonious life.

Green is also symbolic of money & abundance.

We even call dollar bills "greenbacks".

Approximately 34 inches long.



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