Cajuput is particularly useful for all afflictions of the upper respiratory tract and can be employed as an inhalant or, diluted, as a chest rub.

Clears nasal and bronchial congestion useful for asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis and viral infections.

Treat muscle aches and rheumatic pains.

Insect repellent and relieves the itch of insect bites. 

The key use of cajeput is to relieve stiff, aching joints caused by rheumatism.

Antibacterial and clears congestion making it a good inhalant oil for colds and sinus infections.

The sweet scent of cajeput uplifts the spirit while it cleanses the air.

Apply the cajeput oil externally as first aid for burns, cramps, colic, earache, headache, muscle pain, and toothache.

An astringent oil that can benefit oily skin and help clear eczema.

Excellent purifying oil that can get rid of all kinds of intruding energies.

Clean ritual objects and may help protect against negative influences.

Assist the breaking of compulsive habits by focusing mind and willpower.

Essential oils have been used by shamans, healers, herbalists & more for centuries for a plethora of purposes.

Aromatherapy with essential oils can help reduce stress, lift depression, restore emotional well-being, increase productivity, alter moods & ease pain.

Crystals, amulets, talismans & other charms may be anointed with essential oil as a great way to turn a simple mundane item into an item of magickal power and energy.

Wear as perfume fragrance by dabbing some on your wrists & behind the ear.

Anoint your candles for candle magick, as perfume, added to Grapeseed Oil or Jojoba Oil to use during massage.

Place a few drops in an oil diffuser to allow the scent to spread throughout your home. 

15ml amber bottle.

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