Black Jasper Reiki Healing Pendant

Approximately 1 1/2 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches long.

Blessed with Reiki Energy by our in store Reiki Master

Reiki symbols are sacred healing symbols which enhance the flow of Life Force Energy. They are keys that open doors to higher levels of awareness and manifestation.

Reiki symbols are Sanskrit derived Japanese forms. 

The symbols have their own consciousness, and it is possible to meditate on them and receive guidance on how to use them directly from the symbols themselves.

Da Koo Mo - Tibetan Master Symbol is great for removing negative energy blocks, like blocked chi or emotional blocks. 

This pendant has been blessed with Healing Reiki Energy by our in-store Reiki Master.

Black Jasper is a stone with a highly protective & healing energy.

Black Jasper brings good luck to the bearer in a fight, whether it be a mental, political, legal, or other type of fight. It is also used for protection against lightning.

Physically, helpful for relieving pain, stomach ailments, foot problems, and hip dysplagia.

Black Jasper is related to the root chakra.

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