Sodalite Reiki Healing Pendant

Approximately 2 inches long by 3/4 inch wide

Blessed with Reiki Energy by our in store Reiki Master

Reiki symbols are sacred healing symbols which enhance the flow of Life Force Energy. They are keys that open doors to higher levels of awareness and manifestation.

Reiki symbols are Sanskrit derived Japanese forms. 

The symbols have their own consciousness, and it is possible to meditate on them and receive guidance on how to use them directly from the symbols themselves.

Sei He Ki - The Mental/Emotional Symbol for mental and emotional healing, protection, purification, clearing and balancing. It works for the cause of disease, which is often hidden in the subconscious mind (the emotional body) and/or the conscious mind (the mental body). When the body manifests dis-ease, it is often attempting to deliver a message that there is something that needs tending, that needs attention within the mental or emotional patterns we carry. The mental and emotional healing symbol balances the right and left brain.

This symbol is especially helpful for healing relationship problems and the issues that stem from them.

Is used for any sort of emotional or mental distress such as nervousness, fear, depression, anger, sadness, etc,

Can enhance one’e memory, as it connects with the subconscious mind, where all memories are stored.

Can be used to enhance the effectiveness of affirmations, causing them to enter more deeply into the subconscious and manifest the results you desire more quickly.

This pendant has been blessed with Healing Reiki Energy by our in-store Reiki Master.

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