A Voodoo Doll is a likeness of a person used to represent that person which has harmed you in some way.

Voodoo Doll spells are like prayers, the highest act of magick becomes the center of concentrated energy, reflection and a link to other person. Opening the way for communicating with the invisible world in search for any help, guidance, execute justice, clearness of mind, etc.

Activate the voodoo doll by holding it in your hands, saying out loud “Spirits of the Universe, let (persons name) feel all this voodoo doll feels. Tonight give me the power I need for this doll to represent the life of (persons name)."

Proceed to prick the voodoo anywhere on the body with the five (5) pins.

Wrap the rubber band around a limb.

Tie the string with the bells around the body.

Say out loud “What was brought down upon me be returned but times three. Head to toe, skin and nerve. May you get exactly what you deserve. Bring light to your actions, I will be free. When light fades and dusk comes, the pain you caused will come back to you. So mote it be."

Repeat that prayer for Seven (7) days.
Optional: Light a white or black candle next to the doll.

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