Bright white with sweet fragrance, Gardenias are often chosen for wedding bouquets.

These flowers are associated with several meanings including purity, love and refinement, which makes them an appropriate choice for wedding occasions.

They are actually part of the coffee family, and are native to tropical sections of Africa, Asia,  Australia the Pacific Islands and Hawaii.

In Victorian times flowers were used to convey messages between people.  

When a person was unable to outright express their feelings of love for another, it was and still is a common practice to say it with flowers.  

While any type of flowering plant will do, if you want to express your love and devotion to someone but don’t want your identity to be known, the gardenia is the flower to give as a present.  

It signifies a secret love or an untold love.

Gardenias are also given to convey “you’re lovely”.

Used in this way, the gardenia is a flower that can be given to lovers, friends, and even family.

It’s a way of telling them how lovely they are.

And because the color of the gardenia is white, it also signifies purity.

This flower is a wonderful addition to a wedding bouquet as it fits any color theme and it also brings the message of love and purity.

Very protective, peace & harmony, alleviates stress.

Wonderful for promoting peace and tranquility.

Harmony between those who are fighting, and bring a peaceful solution to conflicts.

Can be worn on the body as cologne or pour some into bath water.

Available in: 4oz, 33oz 

Made By Crusellas & Co, Miami, FL

The premier esoteric colognes originating in Cuba.

By combining the wisdom of the islands along with a distinctive skill in cologne craft, Crusellas has produced an extraordinary line that is highly sought after.

Use daily in order to complement any spells or rituals




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