Divine Savior Great Power Please Jesus Christ Help Me In This Time Of Dire Need Save Me From The Suffering (Liquid Soap 8oz)

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Pray to Jesus Christ for special request, blessing and protection.

Christ will come to your aid in court cases when it looks as though the opposition may win.

Channel the divine power of the Lord for blessings from God to remove curses, jinxes, hexes or negative vibes.

The image depicting Gran Poder is Christ wearing the crown of thorns as a representative of the great power to suffer for the sins of mankind.

Whether today’s starting out rough, your bad day is finally over, or you’re right in the middle of the worst day ever, there’s someone who can make it better.

Because of the Atonement, Jesus knows exactly what you’re going through and how to help.

Pray and ask for His help.

There’s a reason Christ is called the Prince of Peace.

You can feel that peace through the Spirit long after you pray.

The Holy Ghost will bring you the comfort you need from Jesus Christ, who knows exactly what will help you.

Remember: He’s experienced it all before.

It’s hard to see what’s going right when everything seems to be going wrong.

But Christ has sent you the Spirit, and with His help, you can see the ways God has blessed your life. 

Jesus’s love is always there, but with the help of the Holy Ghost, He will make sure you get an extra dose when you need it.

Lazaro Brand Spiritual Bath Liquid uses the highest quality ingredients.

Spiritual bathing is a cleansing ritual where you consciously bathe your body, mind, and spirit.

Pour contents into half tub of water and mix well.

Stay in bathtub for 7 minutes.