Lord Rama is the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu.

His adventures, notably the slaying of the demon king Ravana, are recounted in the Vana Parva of the Mahabharata and in the Ramayana, the oldest Sanskrit epic, written sometime in the 5th century.

Rama is the hero of one of the most well known and cherished books of Indian culture: The Ramayana. This story has been passed down from generation to generation even before there was written word.

Rama is the 7th incarnation of the God Vishnu, and next to Krishna, he is considered to be his most important manifestation of a deity.

Rama is considered to be the ideal man and a perfect human; not only physically, but mentally and spiritually.

Rama’s principle devotee was Hanuman, a symbol of devotion and right action.

Rama’s bow was so powerful that it could wipe out an entire army- and it did.

After defeating the evil Ravana, Rama ruled his kingdom Ayodhya for 11,000 years of complete peace and prosperity.

HEM Shree Ram Incense, 20 sticks.

Hem Brand is world famous for its traditional incense made from select woods, resins, florals and fine essential oils all blended skillfully with expert care and love.

Their most widely known precious line of incense comes in a variety of floral, exotic wood and traditional resin fragrances.

Hem a traditional masala incense, is highly prized for its calming and purifying effect.

Directions for use:
• Place an Incense Stick in a proper Incense Burner that is heat resistant.
• Light the tip of the Incense Stick, allow the flame to catch, then gently blow the flame out.
• Never leave burning Incense Sticks unattended.
• Keep out of the reach of children.
• Burn Incense Sticks with care and then sit back, relax and enjoy.

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Ram incense

Has a lovely purifying scent. Very calming. Great for meditation. Lasts a lot longer , burns slower than most incense.