Our 100 Pack Incense Sticks posses a delicious fragrance great for filling the home with a pleasant aroma or including them in your spells and rituals.

In ritual, burn this incense upon your altar to help enhance and boost intellect and wisdom, or to aid in blessings involving love, money, travel, communication, luck, peace and healing.

Lemongrass is a tropical plant with a lemon like fragrance that is used by many people for the purpose of warding off evil and bringing good luck in love affairs.

Lemon grass is a favorite flavor of South East Asian cuisine for its predominantly aromatic citrus flavor with a distinct hint of ginger. 

When you want to overpower feelings of nervousness, or eliminate mental fatigue Lemongrass can help.

The scent of Lemongrass promotes a positive outlook to heighten your awareness. 

The cleansing action of lemongrass is two-fold it clears up any obstacles standing in your way

Get rid of jinxes and enemy tricks, protection, to increase the power of all amulets also for a good sexual time.

Known to help in changing bad luck to good-making it especially popular with those who have been afflicted by negative conditions.

Place an incense stick in a proper Incense Burner that is heat resistant.

Light the tip of the incense stick, allow the flame to catch, then gently blow the flame out.

Keep out of the reach of children.

Burn Incense sticks with care and then sit back, relax and enjoy.

Meditate and establish a psychic link between the incense and yourself.

Be specific in what you ask for.

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