Indian Spirit Of Good Luck Improve Your Personal Finances Be Good With Money Focus On Abundance Increase Wealth (Multi Color Eleke Prayer Bead Healing Necklace

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An Eleke is a string of beads that can be worn by man or woman to help achieve their goal for the problem at hand.

The beads represent the energy of the various Orishas, Saints, and Spirits to guide us with spiritual awareness, inner peace, and positive transformation.

The beads are a vehicle to connect you to that energy on a daily basis. 

It’s like a mini shrine being placed on your person.

Improve your personal finances.

Find a job.

Good luck at job interview.

Many customers.

Increase savings account.

Hit the jackpot.

Win at gambling.

Gain success.

Get to know your money.

Invest in yourself —> save money.

Focus on abundance.

Approximately 34 inches long.