Dissolve negative conditions surrounding you, clear your path to allow blessings of positive energy to flow freely for you.

Remove & clear away jinx, hex, enemy tricks, dispel evil, bring in good luck.

For those in a crossed condition or stubborn hex to improve situation.

Turn your run of bad luck around.

Directions For Use:

  • Make it a full bath (as you will be completely submerging yourself) and place desired amount of sea salt. 
  • If the tub is not deep enough, you can sit and pour the water over your head instead. 
  • As you lie back in the tub, visualize all the problems and concerns you are afflicted with – then submerge under the water a total of three times. 
  • While the tub is draining, sit in the water and as it goes down the drain see your troubles sloughing off and going down, too.  
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9 oz bottle
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