Joya Del Gran Poder Exito Dinero Salud Energia Charm Necklace

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“Mysterious spirit of fortune that directs all the courses of my life. Descend unto my humble home, illuminate me through the confused secrets of gambling. The prize that is to give me fortune and with it happiness and the well being that my heart will receive. Observe my intentions that are pure and good hearted and are directed in a manner to do good and help me and all human beings in general. I want the money to buy the peace of my heart, help the ones I love and to better the stock in myself. I call upon you to do justice for me. Give me this day my fortune, I am tired of getting deeper in debt. Help me to win a lot on the next bet. Give me a piece of the American dream. Amen.”

You have the power to create whatsoever you will pertaining to human life. You have the power to determine what you shall create and when and where you wish to create it. Also, means that you have the power to create what you want, now.

A charm an object that is believed to hold magical properties that attract good luck, ward off evil, protection, financial help, and health. Think of it as a prescription that should be undertaken by those who have a need for it to heal their lives. It is a good idea to wear it to clear the mind of negativity and connect to higher guidance.

Pendant is approximately 2 inches long. Necklace string is approximately 34 inches long. Pendant has images on both side, it is double sided.