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La Madama is the spirit of an old slave who was a conjure woman. Although not an orisha, as her Spanish-language name indicates, the veneration of La Madama was brought to North America by Spiritists and members of the Lukumi and Santeria religions, primarily from Cuba.

As with the Indian spirit guides of North American Spiritualism, the name La Madama is applied to more than one entity.

La Madama is the patron of playing card readers and bone readers, the latter a link to her past on the African continent. As a conjure woman, she carries the wisdom of all the old rootworkers from the past.

She is the patron of root doctors, and as a spirit guide, she may be called upon by conjure doctors who seek information when faced with difficult clients or intractable jobs of spell-casting.

The broom is one of La Madama's tools that works with the broom to sweep out all crossed conditions, family issues, troubles, and confusion that clients may bring to the root doctor.

Her assistance is sought by those performing rites of spiritual cleansing for clients, opening their roads, or bringing them total success in all they do.

She is also petitioned to bless and settle down troublesome folks, bring money into the house, and help bills get paid on time.

Old-fashioned "Aunt Jemima" pancake mix advertising art or "Mammy" style cookie jar figures are images often used to represent La Madama on the altar.

Cuban-influenced card readers who work with La Madama may house her in an iron pot, after the manner used when working with orishas, and they will provide her with tools such as a knife to nail down enemies, a pack of playing cards to reveal the client's troubles, a broom for cleansing and to sweep away crossed conditions, some chalk to mark the magical work and lock it down, and a wooden cross to hold her power.

The bright colors associated with La Madama, as well as a broom, are also found on Aunt Jemima and Mammy figures.

The offerings La Madama accepts are molasses, whiskey, brown sugar, cigarettes, a cool glass of water, and a vigil candle.

Conditions for which La Madama is petitioned:

Career success, personal power, mastery, and wisdom

Love drawing, romance, marriage, fidelity & reconciliation.

Protection, safe travel, court cases & legal matters.

Money, business & luck.

External Use Only. 

Do not put on your skin.

Do not drink. 

Keep Away From Children.

Add contents into a gallon of cold water and mop your floors.

In performing a ritual floor washing for the general spiritual cleansing and purification of a home or place of business, to take off harmful witchcraft spells and to clear away spiritual messes, the major direction is to start at the back of the premises and end by washing outward at the fron doorstep. That crucial area is usually given and extra-thorough scrubbing and it may also be swept while wet and sprinkled with salt, especially if the intent is to keep away evil visititors. 

In performing a ritual floor washing to inchrease luck, attact customers, bring in a lover or friend, or help prepare the way for good influences to enter, it is common to to wake up early and before one ever speaks a word to anyone, to scrub the front doorstep inward, to draw in what is wanted. 



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