The Linden, also called Basswood and Lime-tree.  Her nature is as much fiery as airy being the spirit of Divine Light. Linden wood is laden with the power of attraction that underlies not only love, infatuation, and harmony, but also the very fabric of the material cosmos in such forces as magnetism, adhesion, and gravity. It is a wood of truly cosmic power on every dimension and sphere of the Tree of Life. 

Planetary Association: Jupiter

Gender: Feminine

Deity Association: Greek Goddess Aprohodite and the Celtic Goddess Arianrhod

Elemental association: Air

Linden is a very light, airy, and smooth wood, excellent for carving and capable of supporting fine details. Specially suited to star magick, spells of creation and transmutation, illumination, love, attraction, healing, enhancement of beauty and peace, and acts of enchantment.  Some associate this with the Celtic Tree of Life.   

Magical Properties:  Wands because they are used for creative endeavors, enlightenment, love, attraction, healing, and enchantments.   Linden is said to be protective and can be useful in magic to do with love and luck. It is associated with immortality and is said to promote peaceful sleep.

Linden Flowers: Linden flowers include this plant’s small yellowish flower and oblong flower bracts, which look like leaves. They are called lime flowers in Europe, where they are popularly used as a soothing herbal tea.  The bark of the linden carried prevents intoxication, while the leaves and flowers are used in love spells.  Since it is a tree of immortality its leaves are used in spells of this nature. Linden and lavender equally mixed make excellent pillows which hasten sleep in the insomniac, and good luck charms are carved from the wood and carried. 

On a spiritual level, Linden is renowned as a tree herb which can help relieve grief and induce feelings of vibrancy and youthfulness.  To appreciate these qualities it is said that you should carry a small bag, filled with dried Linden leaves, or that you place them under your pillow.

Herbs have been used from the beginning of time. Animals instinctively learned to use different plants for their own healing and strengthening. Man has also used herbs to treat his illnesses for thousands of years and the usage of herbs by humans has been documented in all major ancient civilizations.  Many people, throughout the world, still continue to use herbs to benefit their lives. Herbalists believe that herbs put the body in tune with nature and scientific studies are being done into the folklore of herbal uses to help develop new therapeutic medicines.

In ancient times, herbalism was a mixture of medicine and magic. Herbs have been used in magical rituals for centuries by women and men alike and are one of the main tools of wizards and witches. Theirs has been a tradition of honoring and keeping the ancient ways of the use of herbs.

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