Lucky Indian Spirit For Fast Money Blessing Improve Your Personal Finances Be Good With Money Focus On Abundance Increase Wealth (Blue 7 Day Prayer Candle)

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Great Chief, faithful Indian Spirit. As as faithful believer in your power, I ask you in this moment, to help me. You that knows it all, speak for me to our Father and bring me your Divine Protection. Oh, Great Spirit, you know my problems. Help me with your power, and guide me with your holy and divine protection. Oh, Great Indian Spirit, I ask that you offer me your protection, and with your axe break the chains that my enemies bind me with spiritually and in all money matters. With the poison of your arrows destroy the evil thoughts against me. With the eyes of an eagle look over me, that there are no bad spirits, no bad thoughts that can bring me down. Amen.” Improve your personal finances. Find a job. Good luck at job interview. Many customers. Increase savings account. Hit the jackpot. Win at gambling. Gain success. Get to know your money. Invest in yourself and save money. Focus on abundance because you are worthy of making more money. Be like a magnet for money to come to you in expected and unexpected ways. A prayer is said before the candle as it burns. When the candle is first lit this prayer is to ask for what you desire or what help  is needed in your life. Lighting a prayer candle as a way to leave the old behind and begin a new life just as if you were born again, the sense being akin to the resurrection and it leaves your sins behind you, giving a new aspect and a new look into your life, without being burdened by your old sins and you old mistakes. Prayer is the master key. A key must fit one door of a house, but when it fit all doors it may well laid to be the master key. Such and no less a key is prayer to all earthy problems. Prayer is an art and requires practice. Praying is more than just mere words, it myst come from deep within you, from you very soul. Prayer must be felt just as you feel coolness or warmth. Just as you are affected by other senses, such as taste, smell, healing, etc. The exercise of prayer requires tranquility and peace of mind. The essence of prayer is faith, it is your motive power that comes from within you and its movement must be directed upwards to where all earthy favors come from. Anyone can make their prayers come true. This is as sure as the rise of tomorrow’s sun. A prayer will not come true simply by mouthing words, a lot depends on your mental attitude, faith, and sincerity of your praying. If you knew how you would feel if your prayer were answered, and if you could realize, consciously, just how you could awaken such a feeling in yourself, you will travel a long way toward learning how to make your dreams come true. Imagination is the beginning of creation. You must imagine what you desire and believe it to be true. Try to feel the force of your praying. True prayer can come only from within yourself.