Man Figure Ritual Candle (Black)

Man image candles are used in many candle rituals

Burn a black male image figure candle to break up or separate two people. 

Write the name of the man and woman who you would like to break up on separate pieces of parchment paper. 

Place the mans name under the male image black candle and place the womans name under the female image black candle. 

Anoint the candles with Seperation Oil and light.

Bring the strength and virility of man into your life with this male human form candle.

This male figure candle is a must have for all rituals requiring male representation.

Perfect for altars and ritual work, this male form candle stands 7.5" tall.

Imagine the inspiration and beauty this candle will bring to your life.

This candle is offered in many colors, black for banishing negativity, red for passion, courage and protection, green for prosperity, fertility and growth.

Or choose white, white represents purification and protection.

This masculine figure candle is beautifully coated with a layer of high gloss coating which adds to its appeal.

Because of its flat base, this candle does not require a holder, but it is recommended it be burned on a fire safe surface. 

This candle also makes a perfect gift.

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