Mini Rose Of Jerico Plant Of Resurrection Good Luck Into Your Home

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The Rose of Jericho is native to Afghanistan although it can also be located in Palestine, Egypt and around the Red Sea. It is a plant that barely has roots and that can be dragged by the wind in the deserts. It really is not a rose, but a fern and usually occurs in two very different states: made a ball, brown and dark, when it is not in the best circumstances or fluffy and a bright green color, if it has moisture around enough to survive. These two phases can happen intermittently throughout the life of one of these plants for even twenty years.

It is a plant highly valued in the occult and recognized as a "magic plant", with multiple properties, emphasizing above all that it can feed on negative energies and turn them into positive ones. It is also known as the plant of the resurrection since, in addition to being able to vary of state, counts on special very interesting capacities that get that it can reanimate other animals and plants.The Rose of Jericho is a plant that has many different properties and is highly valued in a large number of cultures because of it. In most of these, it is used as a  special element to protect the houses and bring luck to them  and to the people who inhabit them. It is believed that the rose of Jericho is able to absorb all the bad energies present in a place and turn them into good, renewing and healing the environment. Thus, it is also thought that thanks to the magical properties of this plant, health, economy, couple life, studies, work, etc. of people who relate to her will improve significantly. 

The Rose of Jericho can change many times of state throughout its life. This plant appears in an  original green state  and when dried it contracts and turns brown, forming a kind of tight ball. When it returns to pick up the humidity of the environment it seems to revive and turn green, even when it has been cut for many years.

To take care of a rose of this type, if it is the first time it is acquired, it will be interesting to submerge it inside any water container. During the first weeks, the best thing you can do is change the water daily to avoid algae or mold. For this you will acquire it in the form of a bulb and the best thing is that you use natural containers , because the synthetics will not let the energies pass so well. 

As time goes by you can change the water on a weekly basis, and then every two weeks. The best thing is that you use mineral water if you want your plant to develop in the best conditions and it will also be interesting to place it where the sun can give it to make photosynthesis.  Nor should you put more than one rose per container. When you finish the life cycle of this plant, if you wish, you can create bags of luck mixing their remains with mistletoe, rue and coriandre.