Oshun Orisha Goddess And Chango Orisha Warrior God Of Thunder And Lightning Power Male Virility With Orisha Oshun (Statue Spirit Doll 10")

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Spirit Dolls act as vessels for beings of powerful spirits who can be petitioned for a wide-variety of purposes. Can be the spirits of the dead, familiar-spirits, Divine-beings, a spirit-of-divination, and even spiritual entities which have never had an earthly incarnation. They are often prayed to with offerings such as water, candy, cigarettes, coffee, etc....to invoke their power in the life of the individual. Spirit Dolls will communicate to you in various ways. Might enter your dreams, speak through your intuition, hear them with your physical ears, place strong signs in your path, they may even speak to you through your divination tool. Oshun is the goddess of love, marriage, fertility and gold in the Yoruba religion.She is the goddess of the river waters and is considered to be the Aphrodite of Cuba and Africa. Also known as Our Lady of Caridad Del Cobre, is regarded as patroness of Cuba by her many devotees, who celebrate her feast day on September 8. Because of her connection with marriage and motherhood, she is invoked during problems in childbirth and is said to rule the abdominal area.  Colors are yellow and gold, number is 5, day of the week is Saturday. Oshun is the most beautiful of the female Orishas, she's lively, sparkling, vivacious, refreshing. Shango rules over lightning, thunder, fire, the drums and dance. A warrior orisha with quick wits, quick temper and is the epitome of virility. Shango took the form of the fourth supreme king of Oyó on Earth for a time. Married to Obba but has relations with Oyá and Oshún. Extremely hot blooded and strong-willed orisha that loves all the pleasures of the world: dance, drumming, women, song and eating. He is ocanani with Elegguá, meaning they are of one heart. When sees the quickness with which lightning makes short work of a tree or a fire rage through an area, one has witnessed the temper of Shango in action. Though he traded the Table of Ifá to Orunmila in exchange for the gift of dance, his children have an innate ability for divination. To acknowledge the greatness of this king, all in the religion raise up on the toes of our feet at the mention of his name. Colors are red and white and he recognizes himself in the numbers 4 and 6. Most often represented by a double headed axe.